Mind Controls Everything

We Are Far More Powerful Than We Realize

Friday, July 6, 2012

Believe That You Already Have What You Want

The Bible has a verse that tells us the Best way to get what we want. It says "When you pray for something believe that you have already received it and you shall have it." When we pray for things that we desire, we need to have a clear vision of what it is that we want. We need to feel like it is as real as any physical object, and that it is ours. Experience the emotions and feeling of how you feel now that it is yours. In your vision, do whatever would you would do with it. Play with it, and use it in any way that makes you happy. Your mind can't tell the difference between a real life experience and a vision that is vivid and full of emotion. Your subconscious mind will work on getting what you clearly envision with emotion. After you have done this, trust and believe that it is on its way, and release any attachment to it. Let go and let God do the work. It's our job to ask, and Gods job to provide. The only thing left for us to do is to be open to receiving what we asked for. Make room for it in some way. Create a desirable environment for it to arrive in. Just like when a woman is pregnant, she makes a good place ready for her baby.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Struggle with Exercise, Not Life

When we Struggle to get something that we want or need, we are swimming against the current. The easy and natural way of life is Going With The Flow. This doesn't mean doing what everyone else is doing. It is the way of least resistance. The illusion is that struggle is Noble and makes us Strong. This is half true. Struggle isn't Noble, but it does make us strong. Working hard, Lifting weights and exercise have their benefits. While it is true that whatever you get with no effort, you don't appreciate as much as something that you've worked hard for. Hard work and struggle are not the same thing. Struggle is doing that hard work with frustration and excess effort. Similar to a riding lawn mower trying to tow a big trailer. It will struggle to even move it a few feet. Trying to make the World fit in your mold of how you think it should be is a very frustrating experience. The biggest reason for unhappiness in the world today is from focusing on the things that we think we don't have, instead of appreciating and being grateful for what we do have. We need to change our Paradigm to an Abundance.Mindset. Abundance is waking up to the reality that you are already the person that you desire to become, and you already have everything you need right now. Resisting who you really are is what keeps you struggling. Abundance is falling in love with who and where you are. Staying focused on what you have, and not on what you don't have, is the key to creating anything you desire.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Positive Thinking Will Drive You To Drinking

Positive thinking doesn't work. It is impossible to always have positive thoughts and no negative thoughts. The Law of Polarity which states that everything has its opposite. Such as Good-Bad, Hot-Cold, Left-Right etc. Positive thoughts create your desired outcome in whatever area they are focused. Negative thoughts create negative outcomes.When negative thoughts come to mind, thank them for reminding you of what to look out for. When you worry about something, you are exercising faith in a negative outcome. Instead of worrying about something, decide to have faith that things will work out for the best. Worrying about something cuts us off from finding a solution to the problem. Try to relax and realize that some things are out of your control. You, and everyone else has free will, and free will should not be violated. If you are spiritual, when you start to worry about something, this is the perfect time to pray about it. When you pray, visualize what you desire to happen, and have faith that it will turn out the way that is best for everyone. Positive affirmations don't work, unless they are true and personal. Most of the positive affirmations out there are either generic, or not true. When you lie to yourself with false affirmations, your subconscious mind rejects them because it know they are not true. I'm not saying that affirmations don't work, but they must be true. The truth will set you free.